Don't waste time learning complicated techniques.

-- Are you concerned about personal safety when outside your home and by yourself?

-- Do you have the skills to defend yourself from potential violence?

-- This Online Self-Defense Course program is designed for those needing self-defense without the hassle of finding a suitable place to learn, just the convience of their home.

-- This online course focuses on simple skills and techniques that are easy to learn and retain, saving you time, and possibly your life.

-- You will learn the skills to walk away from threats and return safely to your loved ones.

-- Learn the essentials of self-defense without spending countless hours on complicated survival techniques.

-- Explore the course with a free basic training video – it might be all you need to protect yourself fro violent threats.

-- Not everyone wants to carry a concealed weapon or feel save doing so; our course offers practical alternatives for personal safety.

- Rusty

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Contacting us

The best way to reach us is by email - rusty@SelfDefenseEssentials.com

You can follow Rusty and watch his videos over at YouTube.

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